You know what? Health is important. Seriously, you should look after yourself. You’ve only got one body, and it needs to serve you for the rest of this life.

But we probably don’t need to tell you this. Someone is always busy telling you what to do with or think about *your* body, whether you like it or not. We think that you know your body best, and that everyone deserves to love their body.

Here at Delicious Self Love, we have a short manifesto of how we want to do right by our bodies. Do what you want with yours, but here’s our guidelines on what to do for ourselves:

1) Feed your body the best food you can. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of indulgence sometimes.

2) Take your body out for some regular exercise. Walking is good.

3) Don’t tell your body horrible things about how you wish it were different (and don’t listen to anyone else who tries to tell you these things too).

That’s it. Also, don’t hate on other people’s bodies – total body health is complicated and not defined by a number of kilos or whatever; also, what someone else does with their body isn’t really any of your business.

So yeah, we’re here and stuff. Expect ramblings about the struggles of loving yourself in this crappy world, and recipes, and tips for leading a healthful life.