We here at Delicious Self Love do not dig bullying. We wish it would go away, and that everyone could play nice.

Alas, people do bad things, and harrassment ensues.

Anita Sarkeesian has been facing down a lot of cyber bullying lately. And all because she told the internets that she wanted to make a series of videos about the way women are represented in video games. This guy has stuff to say about why that’s not cool. And if you want to read any of the crap that’s been launched at her, google it or something ‘cos we ain’t posting that stuff. Sadly, it’s out there and not hard to find.

Anyway, Anita, do your thing. Gender stereotypes and the representation of women  (and other marginalised genders) across all media, is really effed up, and has got to change – you’re taking good steps and we love you for it.